Monday, April 22, 2013

Vodka and Storms

I will start this out with I am in such a good mood today because a) It's warm outside b) I have had my two favorite beverages (coffee and vodka, respectively and not together), c) I am moving out of my house and into an rv and that makes me excited.

Today I throw things away and pack up. My cats are in a panic because I assume they thought we were leaving them and they promptly set up camp in the packing boxes and refuse to move. It thunder storms and I snap photos. We go through old clothes, and we ask eachother "Do you like me in this?" "Yes" and throw it in the 'keep ' pile. We pack up practically all the clothes until I am wearing a stretched out bathing suit bottom and a tank top I stole from a girl at summer camp when I was 12. Joel is down to a winter headband and a pair of sweatpants that have iron-on letters down the leg that say "Team Jacob".
He keeps playing a cover of the Ramones song "I believe in miracles" on his mandolin and now it is stuck in my head.
He transplants an Aloe plant and I drink :).

Here's a sketch from this week.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Always Lazy

 This week our weather has finally been consistently warm (finally!) so I have been spending a great amount of time outside. SO. HEAVENLY. I actually wore a skirt with no leggings and flip flops the other day, so I had to shave my legs and paint my nails and everything. I felt so dang stylish! (p.s. these are my favorite summer shoes they are freakin comfy and never give me blisters... and they last FOREVER get them here, you will not regret it.)
    We went to my favorite coffee shop and hung out and sketched a little bit, I still need to transfer these sketches to a digital format but again I have been really super duper lazy. Also while we were at before mentioned coffee shop I got a not so great view of some college students wearing kilts and nothing else. I was a bit traumatizing actually.

So yeah. Also I just discovered Polyvore this week. I realize literally every lady on the internet knows about that, and I was just trying to be cool by never checking it out. Well I got bored and then it ruined my life. I spent about 4 hours on that site pretending I was a page editor for Italian Vogue. 
I didn't work on the new comic I'm creating, didn't do dishes, didn't work out. I spent a bedonk amount of time messing with what is the equivalent of adult paper dolls... I am ashamed.
That is my update, and now I am going to go try inspiring myself by listening to some Modest Mouse and drawing. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a bit sunny today

Today was the first day in a very long while that it has not been colder than a super cold banana,  so me and my lovely husband decided to do a little... alternative gardening prep. And when I say 'we' I mean he did all the heavy lifting and I photographed the deeds and looked fabulous.
     The idea behind what we worked on today is something that is often referred to as "feral gardening", or the act of using the natural landscape around you to grow your own food (preferably with plants that are indigenous to the area in which you are planting). Mostly this consists of finding pre-existing patches of edibles and carefully maintaining and cultivating that patch so it produces food of better quality than say an un-maintained wild plant. The beauty of this little concept (for those of you planning for impending doom and apocalypses zombie and otherwise) is that how conspicuous your garden is, is completely up to you.

Joel. Way happy about soil.
   My husband is always into experimenting with growing plants and he has been hording 5 gallon buckets like a weird bucket hording squirrel, in hopes of making a mobile garden (more on that some other time) as well as putting up little feral gardens all over the place. Today we killed two birds with one stone. We excavated some good ground to start mini feral gardens throughout the woods, and also collected soil to fill the crazy amount of buckets we have.
Again... way too excited about soil.

 heading home with a 5 gallon bucket of dirt